OOC: I have an idea.

Getting ideas are dangerous, but that won’t stop me.

I’m very busy with real life stuff. I won’t bore you with it. BUT I hate to leave you hanging. I don’t want to shirk off the blog. It’d be rude to you all.

SO. How about some guest artists? You can answer some of the off the wall, simple questions. It’d be some fun, one picture stuff.

To be honest, I’m not expecting anyone to do this, but the option is there. If you want to help a brother out, submit a picture as proof that you can draw, and I’ll send you one of my asks with ideas on how to answer it.

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    Doing this.Just need a question and I’ll have some art in a jiffy for ya!
  2. lex-hamlet said: OHH OHH, ME ME!!! I can help :D
  3. askthechangelingspy said: Sure, I’ll take a crack at it. Is there a specific reference you want us to use, or maybe a certain prompt or scene you want us to draw?
  4. curezen said: Can we get a reference pic of sheogorath so we know what to draw?
  5. askquilltastic said: I’d like to take a swing at that! :D If thats ok.
  6. ask-inkieheart said: I would try, but I get too picky when drawing Mr. Sheo…
  7. ask-scott said: I can’t draw, but I think the idea is amazing.
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